Valentine's Recipes

  • Bacon, Feta & Peppadew Kebabs – Absolute Kebab Perfection, Made in Heaven!

  • Beet-Pickled Deviled Eggs – Valentines Special Part 1. Pickled, Deviled Eggs – a Taste of Heaven!!!

  • Creamy Refrigerator Cheesecake Recipe – How to Make Amazing Cheesecake. Double Crust Cheesecake.

  • Crispy Feta and Cream Cheese Fritters – Light & Airy Cheese Fritters Deep-Fried to Golden Perfection

  • Deep-Fried Super-Cheesy Bites – A Creamy, Crunchy, Sweet & Savory Taste of Heaven!!!

  • Demerara Choc Chip Cookies – Delicious, Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!!!

  • Escargot Melba – Escargot with Garlic, Chilli & Sour Cream on Melba Toast

  • Grilled Lamb Chops with Crispy Lamb Crackling Hearts – Valentine’s Special Series – Part 2

  • Grilled Prawn & Monkfish Skewers – Succulent Prawns and Rich Monkfish, Grilled to Perfection!

  • Home Made Romany Creams – How to Make Romany Creams – Chocolate Cookies

  • How to Make Crispy Golden Waffles – Classic Crispy Waffle Recipe

  • How to Make Egg Rolls – Egg Rolls au Gratin – Superbly Tasty Egg Rolls

  • How to Make Flan – Classic Baked Flan Recipe – Easy Flan Recipe at Home!!!

  • How to Make Honeycomb – Honeycomb Candy Recipe, Simple and Quick, and Super Delicious!

  • How to Make Marshmallows – Homemade Marshmallows – Amazing Vanilla Marshmallows Recipe

  • How to Make Meringues – Perfect Meringues – Crispy Outside, Soft Inside!!!

  • How to Make Oat Crunchies – Delicious Oat & Coconut Crunchies at Home

  • How to Make Paleo Friendly Dark Chocolate. Melt-in-your-mouth Dark Chocolate in Just a Few Minutes!!!

  • How to Make Peppadew Poppers – Crumbed, Deep-fried Stuffed Piquante’ Peppers

  • How to Make Strawberry Jam – Whole Strawberry Jam Recipe

  • Hunan Sweet and Sour Pork – How to Make Sweet & Sour Pork – Homemade Chinese Food!!!

  • Lemon Cream Crepes – Crepes Filled with Creamy Lemon Custard – Quick & Easy!!!

  • Mini Seafood Platter – Valentine’s Special Part 4 – Grilled Sole, Prawn & Pink Salmon Combo

  • Mother’s Day 2016 – Coconut Chocolate Madeleines – How to Make Chocolate Dipped Madeleines.

  • Passionate Mussel Chowder – Valentine’s Special Part 3. Thick, Creamy & Spicy Mussel Chowder.

  • Quick Chocolate Mousse Cups – Easter Special 2016

  • Silicone Molded Chocolate Cups – How to Mold Chocolate Cups in Silicone Muffin Molds

  • The Best Omelette EVER! An Omelette Made with Noodles – is it a Nomlette???

  • Valentine’s Day Chocolate Balloon Bowls – How to Make Chocolate Balloon Bowls at Home!!!

  • Valentines Day Pancetta, Camembert and Preserved Fig Pizza – The Pizza of Love!!!

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