Still Spirits Air Still - Episode 4 - How to Make Whisky from Liquid Malt Extract @Whats4Chow
Recipe type: Distilling
In episode 4 of our series on the Still Spirits Air Still, we will taking a detour from using the Still Spirits Turbo Pure Yeast, when we make an all-grain whisky from Liquid Malt Extract. In this episode we will set up the fermentation, and this will be followed in the next episode with the clearing and distilling of the whisky.
  • 3kg Liquid malt extract
  • 1.2kg Sugar
  • 36g Still Spirits Whisky Yeast
  • 10g Yeast activator
  • 10g Yeast nutrient
  • ¼tsp Di-ammonium sulphate
  • 10lt Water
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  5. A huge thanks to Brewcraft South Africa for the loan of the Still Spirits Air Still Kit --- you can check it out on their website
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