Frozen Reverse Spherification - Simple Molecular Gastronomy
Recipe type: Molecular Gastronomy
Today we're going to continue with our series on molecular gastronomy. A while back we made sherry pearls by thickening sherry with agar agar and dropping it into chilled oil. This resulted in tiny pearls of sherry in a jelly form. In this episode we're using sodium alginate and calcium chloride to create spheres of liquid sherry.
For the Sherry Solution
  • 200ml Sherry
  • 2.5ml Calcium Chloride
For the Alginate Bath
  • 400ml Water ((not mineral water)
  • 2.5ml Sodium alginate
To Rinse
  • Extra water
  1. Sodium alginate is a natural extract of seaweed. You can find in kit form or bulk packs like this on eBay. The bulk packs are far more cost effective, and I have put the link below the video in the description. I have dispensed the bulk pack into a number of smaller airtight jars.
  2. Calcium chloride is available from any dairy supplier as it used in cheese making and dairy processing.
  3. In the process of reverse spherification, the calcium is added to the liquid (in this case, sherry).
  4. Use your stick blender to mix this in. Mixing by hand will not disperse the calcium sufficiently.
  5. Place a silicone mini muffin mold into a baking tray and fill the indentations with the liquid.
  6. Silicon is floppy and the roasting pan will make it far easier to transfer to the freezer.
  7. Allow this to freeze until absolutely solid. Liquids containing alcohol and sugar take longer, so overnight is a good idea.
  8. The following day pour the water into a mixing bowl. Add the sodium alginate.
  9. Use your stick blender to shear this into a solution. Once again, you can not do this by hand.
  10. Pour plain water into a second bowl.
  11. Remove the frozen sherry tray from the freezer.
  12. Pop one of the sherry discs from the mold and drop it into the alginate solution. Allow it to set for 3 minutes. Give it gentle nudge and flip it over halfway through this time.
  13. Use a slotted spoon to lift it from the alginate solution and drop it into the water to rinse.
  14. Rinse the sphere gently, then remove it from the water.
  15. And there it is... a perfect sphere filled with sherry. These can be made ahead of time but must kept moist by immersing them in the same liquid that is inside the sphere. These are filled with sherry, so I would store them in sherry.
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