Product Review - Sushi Making Kit - Manual Sushi Machine - Make Sushi at Home!!!
Recipe type: Sushi
Cuisine: Japanese
In this episode we're doing a quick product review of a manual sushi making kit. While do the review, I am also making a very simple, super tasty shrimp sushi.
  • 2 Batches sushi rice
  • 4 Spring onions
  • ¼ Red pepper (or red chilli / or pepperdew)
  • 250g Shrimp meat
  1. For the filling, finely chop the spring onions and peppers and mix these together. Flash fry the shrimp over extreme heat and roughly chop these into bits.
  2. You will also need 2 batches of the sushi rice we prepared in the previous episode.
  3. Now for the machine. Made from a reasonably good quality high density plastic, the kit comes with 4 different moulds.
  4. One for round suchi, one for small square sushi, one for triangular sushi and finally one to make heart shaped sushi.
  5. The set includes the groover, tamper, spoon and spatula.
  6. The process for making the sushi is identical for all of the shapes. Press a sheet of nori into the mould. Fill the mould to halfway with the rice. Use the groover to press a furrow into the rice.
  7. Fill the furrow with shrimp and the vegetable mix. Fill the remaining space with more rice. Tamp the rice down with the tamper.
  8. Fold one side of the nori over the rice. Wet your fingers and wet the folded nori. Fold the othe half of the nori over this. Tamp this down with the tamper, or in this case the top mould.
  9. Cut the sushi into perfect rounds using a razor sharp knife through the grooves in the mould. Thats the round mould.
  10. And now quickly with the triangular mould....
  11. Place the nori in the mould and fill it halfway with rice. Use the groover to press a forrow into the rice and fill this with shrimp and the vegetable mix. Fill the remaining space with more rice.
  12. Fold one half of the nori over the rice and wet this with your fingers. Fold the other side of nori over this and tamp it down with the tamper.
  13. Cut the sushi into perfect triangles using a sharp knife through the measured grooves.
  14. You can get your manual sushi machine through the onscreen link. We do make a small commission on sales and this goes towards developing the channel and bringing you more great content.
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