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Every 3 months or so Chef T launches a new structured cooking course on — a high quality online learning channel. The cooking courses cover specific topics in the cooking world and to date there are 3 full structured cooking courses available from Chef Trevor.

The courses are all around 100 minutes in length and cover everything you need to know about the specific subject of the courses. If you would like to find out more about the courses, there is a brief description of each one below, with a link which will take you directly to the relevant courses on

These links will also entitle you to a 20% discount on the courses. A new course all about pastry, pies and pie making should be launched within the next 8 weeks. All of the proceeds from our structured courses go directly back into developing in order that we can continue bringing top-class videos to you on a regular basis. Your interest and support is much appreciated!!!

The Definitive Guide to Preparing & Cooking Prawns ( ← Click for Details)

Marketing 1

The Definitive Guide to Preparing and Cooking Chicken ( ← Click for Details)

Marketing 2

The Definitive Guide to Making and Cooking Fresh Pasta & Noodles ( ← Click for Details)

Marketing 3

 How to Prepare and Bake Pies & Pastry  (← Click for Details)

Pies & Pastry Courses Page


How to Cook Eggs (← Click for Details)

Eggs Launch 1 S


Delicious Eggs Recipes (← Click for Details)

Eggs Launch 3 S

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