Kyocera Ceramic Ginger and Garlic Grater – Best Ginger and Garlic Grater Ever!


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Hi and welcome back to In today’s episode we’re going to take a look at the Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Ginger and Garlic Grater. Kyocera was kind enough to send me some of their products to try out, and these are my opinions. Kyocera is not paying for this review, and they will not be vetting the video before it goes live.

The grater comes blister packed for retail, with all the instructions clearly printed on the card. This grater is manufactured in Japan by Kyocera using Kyocera’s advanced ceramic technology. It is a single molded piece of ceramic zirconia with little sharp nibs in the center, surrounded by a catch trough.

Unlike other designs I have used in the past made from glazed pottery, I presume that these nibs will retain their sharpness for very much longer to give you decades of good service. On the underside of the grater is a circle of silicon embedded in the ceramic to prevent the grater from slipping on your work surface during use.

This grater is primarily for grating ginger and garlic. The sharp little nibs on the grating surface do a really good job of reducing the ginger to a paste while leaving any fibers behind. The same goes for garlic. A few large cloves of garlic are reduced to garlic paste in no time at all.

To clean the grater, simply hold it under running water and you’re done. This is the perfect tool to have in your kitchen for any ginger and garlic work, especially if you love Asian cuisine. Your ginger and garlic paste will be fresh every time. Click here to check out the Kyocera grater. That’s all for today folks, and we’ll see you again real soon.

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