Beware Fake Condensed Milk – Fake Condensed Milk Imported from Malaysia Will Make Your Recipes Fail!

Fake condensed milk

Beware Fake Condensed Milk - Fake Condensed Milk Imported from Malaysia Will Make Your Recipes Fail!
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Universal
Fake Condensed Milk Hi and welcome to episode #648 with Today’s episode is a public awareness episode. Over the festive season, my sister-in-law came to visit. While she was here, she prepared a creamy custard fridge tart. This is a tart that she can make in her sleep. It is super simple, and absolutely fail-proof…. until now that is.
  • Condensed Milk
  1. It seems that a company based in the far east has taken it upon them selves to make fake condensed milk. It can not be used for baking, or any purpose that requires condensed milk as the active ingredient. Fridge tarts will not set, and anything similar is bound to fail.
  2. The product is packaged exactly the same as real condensed milk, however a quick look at the ingredients and all is exposed. The fake product contains sugar, milk powder, not full-cream milk, and refined palm oil. In addition to this it contains a soy based emulsifier, probably lecithin, to bind the water and the oil, and a stabilizer, probably zanthan gum to stop the precipitation of the milk powder in the mixture.
  3. Real condensed milk contains sugar and milk. Here is one of the real brands. As you can see it only contains sugar and full cream milk. Lactose is added in varying quantities, as this varies in every batch of milk. Lactose is the sugar found naturally in milk. Lactose is added in the condensed milk for the purpose of consistency.
  4. On opening a can of this rubbish, there is noticeable difference in color. It is much darker than real condensed milk. It is also noticeably thinner in consistency.
  5. On tasting it, I must say that it is almost as creamy and smooth as condensed milk, however the dairy flavor is almost entirely absent.
  6. If you buy condensed milk to sweeten your coffee or tea, then this might do the job, and it is certainly cheaper than condensed milk, however, if you’re planning any type of baking or candy making, then I would absolutely avoid this product. You will waste much more money on spoiled ingredients than you stand to save by buying it.
  7. In my opinion, the FDA, and similar food control organisations around the world should be doing a better job of stemming the influx of these rubbish products into our countries. In the meantime, if you’re buying condensed milk, read the ingredients… there should be nothing other than full cream milk, sugar and lactose.
  8. That’s it for today folks, please share this with your friends and family, and we’ll see you again real soon.
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