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Still Spirits Air Still 1

Hi and welcome to episode 628 with we have something really exciting. Ryan from Brewcraft South Africa sent me a Still Spirits Air Still. This is one Still Spirit’s most recent additions to their distilling equipment range. In this, the first episode of a whole series on the air still, we are going to unbox the machine and run through exactly what the kit includes and what everything does.I will also cover all of the pros and cons of the system in depth which hopefully will help you make a well informed buying decision. Before we begin, let me give you a short summary of what the system is, and where it fits into the marketplace. The airstil is a 4 liter counter-top distiller that is fan cooled. It does not require any water cooling pipes, pumps or reservoirs. This makes the airstil an ideal choice for someone living in an apartment, or in a water-restricted area. The system recommends that you use their specific pure turbo yeast, however you are in no way restricted to this. In later episodes of this series I will cover a whole range of fermentations using regular distiller’s yeast and a variety of different ingredients, anything from bran to rice, and fruits. On with the show…. In the box you will find: Air Still 10L Fermenter with Thermometer Carbon Filter System with Spirit Collector Mixing Spoon Distilling Conditioner Boil Enhancers Air Still Fermentation Kit (Turbo Yeast & Nutrients, Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear for making a wash) 2 x Flavours Vodka Essences (for flavoured water or vodka) Hydrometer Instructions Let’s go over the pros and cons of buying this system. Pros:1) The most obvious advantage of this system is the air-cooling. You do not require any elaborate cooling system with pipes running all over the place. This also makes it suitable for regions where water is scarce. 2) It truly is the most compact distilling system available, making it practical for people living in apartments with limited space. 3) If you use the Still Spirits Turbo Pure yeast, you do not have to have any brewing or distilling knowledge to use the system. 4) You are not limited to using the Still Spirits Turbo Pure yeast. Once you are comfortable with the simplest process, you can move on and experiment with other fermentations. 5) Everything you need to get started comes in the kit. 6) This is the perfect solution for someone getting started in distilling, and you can be up and running in minutes. 7) Still Spirits supply a massive range of excellent essences to make the drinks of your choice. Anything from Tennessee whisky to cream liqueurs. Cons: 1) The distiller is on the smaller side. With a capacity of 4 liters, or just over a US gallon, a single 2 hour distillation will produce enough vodka to make a liter of final product. If you want to make larger quantities, then you will need to do more runs, or use a larger distiller. 2} This is the simplest type of pot still available. With limited headroom in the boiler cavity, fermentations that don’t use the Turbo Pure yeast will need to be double-distilled. This will lengthen the process by a few hours. 3) The distiller runs at a fixed calibrated temperature. This means that you cannot do stripping runs, however, you can double distil batches if required. In our next episode, we will make a batch of sugar-wash using the Turbo Pure yeast provided in the kit. Once that has been put aside to ferment, I will show you the absolutely quickest way to make vodka, from start to finish in 2 hours, with no fermentation required, and super-cheap. Please subscribe for notifications and updates, and checkout our website #stillspirits #stillspiritsairstill #homedistilling #distillingathome #howtodistillalcohol

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