Whats4Chow Launches the Amazing Pie Making System Today!!!

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For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination and love for foods enclosed in pastry. After months of research and development, and over a year of field-testing, today is the launch of our amazing pie making system.
The system is suitable for large households, restaurants, hotels, home industries, catering businesses, take-outs and pie shops… really any place that needs a lot of pies.
Manufacturing pies by hand has always been a laborious task, and using industrial pneumatic and hydraulic machinery is cost inhibitive. This system enables you to assemble up to 1000 pies per day and is totally scalable by adding additional units as your operation grows.
Please click www.thundafund.com/project/piemakingsystem to see the launch page and get all of the product details and pricing.

Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you on the launch page!!!

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