How to Make Moroccan Preserved Lemons – Middle Eastern Cuisine, Moroccan Preserved Lemons

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How to Make Moroccan Preserved Lemons - Middle Eastern Cuisine, Moroccan Preserved Lemons
Recipe type: Preserves
Cuisine: Moroccan
Preserved lemons are widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine to add a unique flavor and tang to curries and tagines. The process of making your own preserved lemon is quick and easy, however you will have to wait for a month to pickle before using them. This is how to do it....
  • 850g Lemons
  • 55g / 60ml Coarse Kosher salt / Himalayan rock salt
  • 250ml Lemon juice
  • 250ml Lime juice
  • Extra water to top up
  1. To start, you will need 250ml of lemon juice and 250ml of lime juice, 55g or quarter cup of coarse kosher salt, or Himalayan rock salt, and 850g of lemons.
  2. Cut down through each lemon twice, leaving just about 5mm uncut at the base.
  3. Open a lemon up and drop a proportionate amount of salt into the lemon. In other words, if you have 6 lemons, drop one sixth of the coarse salt into the lemon.
  4. Continue until all of the lemons are filled.
  5. Transfer the lemons to a sterilized 1.5 liter preserve jar. Pack them tightly.
  6. Pour in the lemon and lime juices and top the jar up with filtered water until the lemons are covered.
  7. Close the lid, and you're finished. Place the jar in a cool dark cupboard for a full month before using.
  8. Stay tuned, as in a month when these are ready to use, we will be doing a couple of Moroccan curries and tagines using these preserved lemons.


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