Mega Cheese and Bacon Deep Fried Onion Rings – Deep-Fried Onion Rings Filled with Cheese & Bacon!!!

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Mega Cheese and Bacon Deep Fried Onion Rings - Deep-Fried Onion Rings Filled with Cheese & Bacon!!!
Recipe type: Deep-fried
Whether you present these incredible deep-fried onion rings as a starter or as an accompaniment to your main course, these crispy golden packages will have your guests talking for decades. This is how to make them....
  • Streaky bacon
  • Large Onions
  • Processed cheese slices
  • All-purpose flour (seasoned with salt and white pepper to taste)
  • Eggs
  • Oil for deep-frying
  1. To start, top, tail and peel the onions.
  2. Cut the angled ends from the onions, leaving you with the more cylindrical center section of the onions.
  3. Keep all of the off-cuts for salads or stir-fries.
  4. Working from the outside ring of each onion, separate the rings, grouping the first ring and third ring as a pair, and the second and fourth as a pair.
  5. Notice when you place the smaller ring of the pair inside the larger ring, that there is a sizeable gap. This is exactly what we want.
  6. Cut a slice of the processed cheese into strips and line the inside of the bigger onion ring with the cheese.
  7. Take a slice of streaky bacon and repeat this exercise.
  8. Press the smaller ring into the larger ring and the first ring is done. Continue until all of the rings have been processed.
  9. To coat the rings, first sprinkle a layer of seasoned all-purpose flour over a large platter. This is where the coated rings will set, and the flour prevents the rings from sticking to the platter and getting damaged.
  10. Pour a couple of cups into a large dish and beat a few eggs in a jug.
  11. Dredge the ring in the flour. This will dry any damp spots on the ring.
  12. Dip the ring in the egg to wet it all over.
  13. Dredge the ring in the flour to coat it all over.
  14. Return the ring to the egg to wet all of the flour.
  15. Then back into the flour for a final, good solid coating.
  16. Transfer this to the platter to set.
  17. Continue with the remaining rings. Allow the coated rings to set for 20 minutes.
  18. Half fill a large pan or wok with oil and heat this to 170c or 340f.
  19. Carefully lower the rings into the oil in batches and fry them for 5 to 7 minutes until crispy and golden, turning them over every 60 seconds.
  20. Use a slotted spoon to remove the rings from the oil and drain any excess oil on kitchen paper.
  21. Serve the rings while piping hot and enjoy.
  22. And there it is, a beautiful crispy golden onion ring filled with melted cheese and bacon.


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