The Still Spirits Carbon Filter System for Reflux Distilled Alcohol

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Unboxing and Assembling the Still Spirits Carbon Filter System

Hi and welcome to episode 537 with and another episode in our short series Serious Distilling with Brewcraft, Still Spirits and Grainfather.
Today we’re going to look at the Still Spirits Carbon Filtering system which has been specially designed for filtering the spirits distilled using the Still Spirits Turbo 500 reflux distiller.
When reflux distilling, you can expect an alcohol purity of between 94 and 97%. The 3 to 6 percent disparity is comprised mostly of water, however sometimes a few volatiles can sneak through along with this and adversely affect the flavor of your product. Using a carbon filter will remove these troublesome elements and give you a superior product.
An important note before we start…. this filter should not be used with wines, ciders or alembic distilled product. The filter will remove most of the color and flavor from these drinks. The filter is only for processing reflux distilled product.
Let’s have a look in the box.
The set comes with an upper an lower bucket. The upper bucket has a hole in the bottom where the filter is fitted, while the lower bucket has a hole in the side to receive a tap fitting.
There is a good quality lid for the upper bucket, and a receiver ring which will join the 2 containers together.
In addition there is a decent quality tap fitting, the disposable carbon filter, two seals, a central bolt and a sturdy plastic nut.
To fit the tap, remove the nut and one of the silicon washers from the thread.
Insert the thread into the hole on the side of the container. Replace the silicon washer and screw the nut on firmly.
To install the filter, insert the bolt through the hole in the container, from the inside.
Place a foam seal onto the bolt, followed the carbon candle, followed by the second seal, and finally the nut making sure that spacer ridge on the nut is facing inwards.
Tighten this up firmly.
For final assembly, place the receiver ring onto the lower container. Press the upper container into the receiver ring and you’re ready to go.
Dilute your reflux distilled alcohol to below 50% ABV and pour this into the upper container.
Within a few minutes, the batch will have run through the filter and your spirits are ready for blending with the Still Spirits flavorings. This process will be covered in the distilling episode.
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