How to Make Potato Bun Burgers – Delicious Crispy Deep Fried Potato Bun Burgers – Gluten Free Friend

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How to Make Potato Bun Burgers - Delicious Crispy Deep Fried Potato Bun Burgers - Gluten Free Friend
Recipe type: Burgers
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Serves: 2
Potato bun burgers are real good fun, and a great way to combine your fries with your burger. They also make it possible for people on wheat restricted diets to enjoy an amazing burger.
For 2 Burgers
  • 2 Large potatoes
  • 400g Ground beef
  • 15ml Salt (non-iodated)
  • 15ml Dry chilli flakes
  • 15ml Dried garlic granules
  • 12 slices melting cheese of your choice
  • Frilly lettuce
  • 3 Cocktail tomatoes
  • Ketchup or sauce of your choice
  1. Place the large potatoes in a pot and cover them with boiling kettle water. Heat the pot over high heat and boil the potatoes until they are tender. This timing will vary depending on the variety of potatoes you're using.
  2. In the meantime place the ground beef in a mixing bowl and add the salt, chilli flakes and dried garlic granules.
  3. Get in there with your hands and massage this all together.
  4. Slice the cheese into thin slices, slice the cherry tomatoes and take enough frilly lettuce.
  5. Use your burger press to form 4 x 100g patties and transfer these to your refrigerator.
  6. Remove the boiled potatoes from the pot and cool them under cold running water.
  7. Use a sharp knife to slice a bit off of each flat side of the potatoes, then cut the potatoes through the center length-ways.
  8. Half fill a large pan with oil and heat this to 180c or 350f.
  9. Carefully lower the potatoes into the oil and fry them until crisp and golden on both sides.
  10. Remove the potatoes and drain any excess oil on kitchen paper.
  11. Heat another pan over medium high heat and add 15g of butter.
  12. Grill the burger patties for 2 to 3 minutes on the first side.
  13. Flip the patties over and top the patties with the cheese. Continue grilling until the cheese starts melting. Stack the patties in pairs.
  14. Place one of the fried potato pieces on a serving platter and top this with lettuce.
  15. Place a burger patty stack on top of this.
  16. Top the stack with sliced tomato and a drizzle of ketchup.
  17. Finish this off with the top potato and you're ready to feast.


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