How to Play Food Pool & Help Alan Oosthuizen

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Help Alan Out!!!

How to Play Food Pool & Help Alan Oosthuizen
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Today's episode is something totally different.... you're going to learn about food pool. First we have the food pool cue. Amateur models are single long piece of cheap meat stick. This one is clearly the professional model, being a 2 piece construction with high-tech joint in the center and a fine tip to aid with spin shots.
The Objective of Food Pool
  1. The objective of food pool is to knock your opponents egg off the edge of the table by hitting his egg with your egg.
The Equipment Required & Equipment Regulations
  1. The cue must be between 50 and 60 cm (20-24 inches) in length.
  2. The cue must be manufactured from any type of dried sausage - jerky, cabanossi, pepperoni etc.
  3. The cue may be a single piece or 2 piece construction.
  4. Cues with 2 piece construction may not have and overlap of more than 1 inch or 2.5cm.
  5. The thickness of the cue may not exceed ¾ inch or 20mm.
  6. The cue may not be excessively dried to increase rigidity.
  7. The balls consist of eggs - these may be fresh eggs or hard boiled.
  8. The balls must be industry standard large eggs - weighing from 48g to 53g.
  9. Each player must mark his egg on all sides to ensure identification during the game.
  10. The table consists of any flat, hard, smooth, level surface and can be any size.
The Rules of the Game
  1. Any number of players can participate, depending on the size of the table.
  2. Players start standing evenly spaced around the edge of the table.
  3. Players eggs are placed 12 inches or 30cm from the edge of the table.
  4. Players have turns to shoot in a fixed pre-agreed order.
  5. The first player shoots, followed by the second player etc. Once the first round has been played, players may leave their starting positions in order to reach their balls.
  6. Once the first round has been played, players who don't manage to at least touch another player's ball will forfeit their shot in the following round.
  7. Players must play clean shots -- double hits are not allowed and will result in forfeit of their following round shot.
  8. A player that sinks an opposing player's ball is entitled to play another shot. This continuance applies until the player does not sink a ball.
  9. A player that inadvertently sinks his own ball while sinking another is out the game as well.
  10. A player may not lift or tilt the table to manipulate the run of the ball, or to facilitate mass annihilation of the other player's balls.
  11. Player's may form alliances, but be warned -- this does not last long!!!
  12. The last player left on the table is the winner... then let the next game begin!!!


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