Jamaican Jerk Chicken Kebabs – Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burgers – Jamaican Jerk Chicken Spice

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken Kebabs - Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burgers - Jamaican Jerk Chicken Spice
Recipe type: Chicken / Poultry
Cuisine: Jamaican
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6-8
Jamaican jerk chicken can be as mild or as hot as you like. You can adjust the heat by simply adding more or less cayenne and chilli flakes. The measurements in this recipe will give you a result on the milder side, but with tons of flavor. I am going to make jerk chicken kebabs and a couple of jerk chicken burgers using the TNK Stingray multitools feature in the previous episode.
  • 9-12 Chicken thighs, deboned
For the Jerk Spice
  • 15ml Onion flakes
  • 10ml Dried Thyme
  • 5ml Dried parsley
  • 7.5ml Whole allspice
  • 2.5ml Ground cinnamon
  • 5ml Whole black peppercorns
  • 2.5ml Cayenne pepper
  • 5ml Paprika
  • 2.5ml Chilli flakes
  • 1.25ml Ground cumin
  • 5ml Dried garlic granules
  • 10ml Salt
  • 1.25ml Ground nutmeg
  • 10ml Sugar
  • 10ml Dried chives
  1. To make the spice blend, combine the onion flakes, thyme, parsley, allspice, cinnamon, black peppercorns, cayenne pepper, paprika, chilli flakes, ground cumin, garlic granules, salt, nutmeg, sugar and dried chives.
  2. Put this all into your spice grinder and zap it until fine. Transfer the jerk spice to a sprinkle bottle.
  3. Place your deboned chicken thighs in a large non-reactive pan, skin side down.
  4. Sprinkle a generous dose of the spice over the chicken. Generous can not be overstated... you want to use a third of the spice on this side.
  5. Turn the chicken thighs over and dose the skin side with another third of the spice.
  6. Cover the pan with cling wrap and place this in your refrigerator overnight.
  7. The following day, cut the chicken into cubes. I have held 2 thighs back to cook as jerk chicken burger patties.
  8. Thread the chicken cubes onto skewers and you're ready to rock.
  9. To demonstrate the larger of the 2 Stingray multitools, I am going to barbecue most of the chicken, saving some for the pan to demonstrate the smaller model.
  10. Heat a barbecue skillet over medium high heat and brush this with oil and add the kebabs and jerk chicken burger.
  11. Turn the kebabs every 3 minutes, remembering that they have 4 sides, giving you a total time of 12 minutes.
  12. Watch how well the multitools toothed edge lifts end turns the kebabs with absolutely no problem.
  13. Grill the jerk burger for 4 minutes per side. Here's a shot of the lifter mechanism at work turning the burger.
  14. Using the prong to lift the burger from the skillet is effortless, and you can see the true genius behind the launch mechanism that gently squeezes the chicken of of the prongs onto the plate.
  15. Remove the kebabs from the barbecue and serve immediately.
  16. Now across to the non stick pan. Heat the pan over medium high heat and add a little butter.
  17. Add the kebabs and jerk burger to the pan. Grill them for 12 minutes, or 3 minutes per side. Grill the jerk burger for 8 minutes, turning halfway through.
  18. Here we can see just how simply the multitool turns the kebabs. The toothed edge really does make a difference.
  19. And again, here is the lifter turning the burger.
  20. Remove the chicken from the pan and serve with the accompaniments of your choice.
  21. And there we have it.... beautifully spiced and flavor Jamaican jerk chicken kebabs and burger patties.


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