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Our channel has been running for just over 2 years and I have received a good few requests for short biography outlining my history as a chef…. so here goes.
I grew up in hotels and restaurants so when it came to career choices the path was pretty clear.
After qualifying I went on to produce a collection of television programs on Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, North African and South American cuisines. This is all long before Youtube came along.

Since then I have done courses in food science, charcuterie, cheese production and sous vide.
After selling our last restaurant, I moved on and opened a fresh pasta factory producing fresh flat pasta, extruded pasta and filled pasta for 3 major food retailers. I sold the pasta business 2 years later and started a sous vide production plant. Sous vide is the processing of vacuum packed meals cooked a relatively low temperatures. We supplied over 1000 meals a day to boarding schools and retailers, and even supplied the security staff at the 2010 World Cup.
After a few years of that I sold up and my wife and I moved to sleepy village called Mossel Bay.
In addition to my Youtube channel, I develop and produce cooking courses for Curious.com, I do consulting work for food factories, develop new hallmark dishes and flavor profiles for franchise groups and develop specialized food related machinery. One of these machines is nearing the end of its RD and will featured on our channel when it is launched…. so stay tuned for that.
I hope that answers most of the questions…. and as for the accent, it’s a mixture between Canadian and English South African.
Thanks for watching……..

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