Product Review – The Smoke Daddy Vortex Smoke Generator – New Passive Smoke Generator from Smoke Daddy!!!

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6 months ago I introduced an incredible product from Smoke Daddy, the cold smoke generator. They have now come up with a passive smoker unit called the Vortex. Mine has just arrived, so let’s have a look.

Before we continue, you can get more details on the Vortex by clicking the onscreen link.

The unit comes in a sturdy full color printed box, ensuring it will arrive undamaged. It sates clearly on the top that unit can be used for hot and cold smoking, and that it can be used with any existing closed barbecue grill. Very importantly, like all of their other equipment, it is 100% made in the USA.

Opening the box reveals the Vortex. But before we get onto that, all of the instructions are included in detail inside the lid.

The instructions explain clearly how to set the unit up to prove smoke for anything from 2 hours to 10 hours of smoke. In addition, how to ignite the unit to get it smoking.

Looking at the Vortex, it is manufactured from a really heavy gauge stainless steel mesh with a solid stainless steel surround and just from the feel of it, you know the Vortex means business.

On one side, there is a large indented circle for longer smoking times, and on the reverse side a smaller indented circle for shorter smoking times. These circles are filled with wood pellets which are then ignited. The flame-less burn proves the smoke required, while not affecting the temperature in the smoking enclosure. This makes the Vortex ideal for hot or cold smoking.

In the second part of this un-boxing video, I will be making smoked garlic powder to demonstrate the capabilities of the Vortex. I need 4 hours of smoke so I am filling the large circle with pellets. To get just 4 hours, I am going to ignite both sides of the circle and ignition points will burn towards one another. This will actually give me about 6 hours of smoke, but there is bit of breeze today, so I am playing it safe. If I only lit one side, I would get up to 10 hours of smoke. Using the smaller circle on the reverse side, I would get 2 hours from a double ignition, or 4 hours from a single ignition.

These are regular wood pellets from local supplier, however you can get wood pellets directly from Smoke Daddy as well. The original Smoke Daddy pellets contain a little charcoal as well aiding the burn, and giving a better smoke ring. I will also be testing the Vortex with fine wood chips to see if these will work.

Stay tuned for the next episode when we fire this baby up.


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