Smashed Cheese Burger. Shake Shack and Smashburger in Your Own Kitchen!!!

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Smashed Cheese Burger. Shake Shack and Smashburger in Your Own Kitchen!!!
Recipe type: Burgers / Franchise
Cuisine: American
Serves: 4
Shake Shack and Smashburger are taking the market by storm. The unique texture and taste of the smashed patty is what has everyone raving. The process has a good few steps, but just follow the steps and your burger will be smashing too.
For 4 Patties
  • 500g Ground beef - 25% fat content
  • 2.5ml White pepper
  • 5ml Ground coriander seed
  • 5ml Chilli flakes
  • 2.5ml Garlic powder
For the Burgers
  • 4 Large burger buns
  • Sliced tomato
  • 8 Thick slices cheese (I used Mozzarella)
  • Lettuce
  • Mayonnaise
  1. To achieve the texture that is more akin to steak, rather than compressed mince, the ground beef needs to be emulsified.
  2. Place the beef in your mixer bowl. Add the salt, ground white pepper, ground coriander seed, chilli flakes and garlic powder.
  3. Place the bowl on your stand mixer and attach the dough hooks to the mixer. Mix the meat on medium speed for a full ten minutes.
  4. By this stage proteins in the beef are liberated and the mixture will be very sticky. Transfer the bowl to the refrigerator while you continue with the other preparations.
  5. Cut the burger buns, slice the tomatoes and cut 2 thick slices of cheese for each burger. You will also need nice crispy fresh lettuce leaves.
  6. To continue with patties.... divide the beef into portions of 125g. Working with one portion, press it into a cylinder mold to form a thick narrow patty that resembles a hockey puck. Do this on top of a piece of foil or clingwrap. Continue until all the patties are formed.
  7. Transfer the patties to a large platter in a single layer and transfer these to your freezer for exactly 15 minutes. This chills the burger to the core and prevents the center of the burger from over-cooking under the extreme cooking heat to follow.
  8. While the burgers chill, heat your pan over medium high heat and add 50ml of butter. Drop the buns into the pan to toast the insides until golden.
  9. Increase the heat of the pan to smoking hot. Place the patties in the pan. Use an egg lifter or similar utensil along with any other sturdy tool to crush the burger patties. You want them to end up just slightly bigger than the buns. Allow these to grill for 3 and a half minutes and the underside is crispy and caramelized.
  10. Flip the patties and immediately add the cheese to each one. Continue grilling these for a further 3 and a half minutes.
  11. Transfer the patties to the buns. Top each one with 2 slices of tomato and loads of lettuce.
  12. Give the lid of the bun a good dose of mayonnaise and close the burger.
  13. Serve immediately.


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