Upright 7lb Sausage Stuffer Review – Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer Product Test.

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Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to do a few homemade sausage recipes. To take the mission out of stuffing the sausage casings, I ordered an upright sausage stuffer, and after putting about 200 pounds of sausage through this, here are my thoughts on the machine.

Constructed entirely from stainless steel, the machine a basically a massive syringe. The ground meat goes into a hopper and is injected into the sausage casings through various sized funnels. The machine is available in 3kg, 5 kg, 7kg and 10kg capacities, and although it comes with a selection of funnels, additional funnels can be purchased separately.

The funnels attach to the outlet of the hopper by means of a large and well threaded retaining collar.

The hopper simply clips into the frame making cleanup really easy. This also allows the machine to used left handed or right handed.

Built into the plunger is a one-way air valve which allows air in the hopper to escape. This ensures that you don’t end up pumping air into your sausages.

The plunger is driven by very strong, heavy gears with 2 different ratios. The fast gear is for dropping and retrieving the plunger, while the slower gear is used for stuffing.

All-in-all, this machine is excellent value for money, and if looked after, will probably outlive your great great grand children. Click HERE to see pricing for the various models.

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