Product Review – Joseph & Joseph Thicknessing Rolling Pin – The Best Rolling Pin Ever!!!!

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This episode is a short product review. The products I review are generally products that I use on a dailly basis and have tried and tested thoroughly. Today’s product is the Joseph and Joseph thicknessing rolling pin.

I have been using this one for over a year now, and as you can see, it still looks brand new. These are available in stainless steel and wooden versions, however I opted for the stainless as it can go in my dishwasher.

The rolling surface is a generous 350mm wide and is laser etched with width measurements in centimeters and inches, and this proves to be quite useful.

At each end of the cylinder, four different sized discs are attached to the tube with a large heavily threaded screw.

These discs allow you to select the desired thickness of the pastry by raising the rolling surface the desired amount from the work surface. The disc sizes are 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 10mm. The discs also have inch measurements on the reverse side.

As previously mentioned these discs simply attach via a heavy gauge screw.

This is a superbly made product, and if you’re looking for a rolling pin than will almost certainly outlive your entire family tree, this is it.

You can go directly to the product by clicking the onscreen link.

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