Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator – Installation – Quick & Easy to Install Smoke Daddy!

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In yesterday’s episode we unpacked the Smoke Daddy cold smoker unit. Today we’re going to install it on our barbecue.

To start, I have used a metal hole cutter to cut holes through the side carcass of the barbecue. This particular barbecue has a double wall, but the extra length of the outlet pipe accommodates this extra thickness with no problem.

Simply slide the outlet pipe through the hole. Use the locking nut and washer to secure the pipe on the inside of the barbecue. There is no need to over-tighten the nuts… finger-tight is just fine.

To operate the unit, I am using a small lump of charcoal. Drop this into the unit and set it alight using your blow-torch. At this stage, I have both lids off and the air pump is running on full output.

This particular model, the Magnum, will take up to 6 cups of wood chips. For this demo, I am adding just 2 cups which should give me an hour or 2 of good smoke. I have found that soaking the chips in water for 30 minutes will slow the burn, but also reduces the smoke rate.

Within a minute or 2 of adding the wood, the charcoal will set this smoldering and the smoke will start pumping through the outlet pipe.

All that remains is to adjust the air flow rate on the pump and you’re ready to go.

You can click the onscreen link to see the full range of Smoke Daddy products.

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