Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator – Unboxing. Part 1 of Whats4Chow’s Smoking & Curing Foods.

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Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator.

As promised last episode, our cold smoke generator has arrived, and our series on cold smoking, hot smoking and curing meats is starting today. This first episode is the introduction and un-boxing of this amazing product that we will be using throughout the course. So here we go…

Before we continue, you can see the full range of Smoke Daddy products on our website by clicking the onscreen link.

Smoke Daddy manufactures this product in the USA and it is shipped worldwide. In addition, the airpump that runs the venturi airflow system is available in 110v, 220v and 240v versions.

First to come out is the cast aluminium bottom cap with vents and bakelite handle.

Then the cast aluminium top cap, also with a heat proof bakelite handle.

Next up is the main body of the unit, consisting of a very solid aluminium cylinder with the air inlet pipe already threaded and attached. The stainless steel burning grate also slots into the cylinder, which we’ll look at just now.

This is followed by the stainless outflow pipe with all the fittings necessary to attach it to the barbecue or smoking chamber. In addition, the bakelite threaded nut which secures the bottom cap in place.

The unit also comes with a sturdy wire brush for cleaning the unit.

The operation manual is in full color, printed on good quality stock and includes information on all of Smoke Daddy’s products, as well as a selection of recipes for cold and hot smoking.

And last, but not least is the air pump. This pumps air through the top of the unit creating a venturi flow in the smoking chamber. This increases the efficiency of the burn and delivers the smoke to the barbecue. The pump output is variable via the rotating dial, giving you ultimate control over the burn rate and amount of smoke produced.

Back to the main unit. The stainless grating simply drops into the main cylinder and is supported by a c-clip towards the bottom of the cylinder.

The outlet pipe simply screws into the threaded outlet hole situated directly opposite the air pump delivery pipe. The extra length of the outlet pipe allows you fit the unit to barbecues or chambers with varying wall thicknesses.

The air pump hose is heat proof silicone and simply presses onto the outlet nipple on the pump.

Stay tuned for our next episode where we will be demonstrating how to mount the unit to a barbecue.

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