Ultra-Clarifying Stock, Sauces and Fruit Juices

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Ultra-Clarifying Stock, Sauces and Fruit Juices
Recipe type: Techniques, Soups, Broths, Consomme
Ultra clarifying solutions is not only far less work, but results in an absolutely clear, colorless solution that retains all of the fragrance and flavor of the original solution.
  • 500ml Fruit juice or stock
  • 13g Powdered gelatin (20ml)
  1. Start with 500ml of juice and pour a quarter of this or 125ml into another heat proof jug.
  2. In addition, measure out 13g or 20ml of gelatin. Heat the smaller quantity of juice in your microwave until hot then add the gelatin. Stir this in until totally dissolved.
  3. Pour the 125ml of juice into the 375ml of juice and stir this in.
  4. Place the jug in your freezer overnight so that it freezes absolutely solid.
  5. The following day, place a sieve across a mixing bowl and line the sieve with butter muslin, cheese cloth or very fine net curtain.
  6. To release the frozen juice from the jug stand it in a pan of boiling kettle water for 30 seconds.
  7. Flip the frozen block out into the sieve and allow this to stand at room temperature until defrosted.
  8. When it has defrosted, it will retain its shape, but will be spongy to touch.
  9. Tie the corners of the cloth together with a long handled utensil tied into the knot. Suspend the utensil across the edges of the bowl. If the bowl is not deep enough for bag to hang freely, place spacers underneath the handle to raise the bag.
  10. Let the pressure of the hanging bag extract all of the liquid from the jelly. This will take a few hours.
  11. Remove the bag from the bowl when the jelly starts to press through the cloth.
  12. From 500ml of juice with pulp included, you will yield about 300ml of clear orange juice. If we were using a strained stock, or black coffee or any other strained liquid, the yield would be considerably more.


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