Pickled Pork. How to Cure and Pickle Pork / Ham – Easy Home Made Pickled Pork

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Pickled Pork. How to Cure and Pickle Pork / Ham - Easy Home Made Pickled Pork
Recipe type: Pork / Preserving
Cuisine: Continental
Pickled Pork is easy to make at home. The difference between pickled pork and ham is that it is no pressed and smoked. The flavor is very similar to ham, but the texture is slightly looser.
  • 2.5lt Water
  • 25g Saltpeter
  • 30g Sugar
  • 400g Salt
  • 15g Whole black peppercorns
  • 15g Whole allspice
  • 25g Whole coriander seeds
  1. Place the water, saltpeter, sugar, salt, pepper, whole allspice and whole coriander in a pot. Bring this to a boil, simmer for 10 minutes, then quick-chill the curing brine by placing the pot in a sink of cold water.
  2. While the brine cools, trim any excess fat from the meat. I am using pork leg, but you can use the shoulder, rump or any cut of your choice.
  3. Cut the pork along the grain into manageable pieces, remembering that you are going to slice it thinly when cooked, and the larger the pieces, the more difficult it will be to do this.
  4. Place the pork in a large container and pour the cooled curing brine over the pork.
  5. Place a plate on top of the pork to keep it submerged in the brine and place the lid on the container. Place the container in your refrigerator and allow this to cure for 24 hours per 25mm or inch of meat thickness. My pieces are 50mm or 2 inches thick, so they will cure for 48 hours.
  6. After the curing time is up, remove the pork from the brine. To cook the pork, wrap each piece in foil, place the packages in a large roasting pan and bake them for 45 minutes plus 15 minutes extra for every pound in weight.
  7. Remove the pork from the oven and allow it to stand for 5 minutes before slicing, if you're serving it hot. If you're using it as cold-cuts, allow it to cool completely before slicing thinly.


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