Parmesan Crusted Baby Sole

Parmesan Crusted Baby Sole
Recipe type: Seafood
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
Parmesan Crusted Baby Sole. This simple recipe will receive accollades from your friends and family. Bay sole lightly coated in parmesan and lemon pepper, then butter-fried to crispy perfection fits the bill as the perfect starter, or as a main course by doubling the recipe.
  • 4 x Baby sole, 60-80g each
  • 1 Egg lightly beaten
  • 20g Parmesan, finely grated
  • 2½g Lemon pepper
  • 50g Butter
  1. Pat the sole dry with kitchen paper, then paint with the egg.
  2. Combine the lemon pepper and parmesan, then sprinkle a thin layer of the mix onto a plate.
  3. Working with one sole at a time, press the sole into the mixture to get an even coating on each side of the fish. Repeat this with the remaining fish.
  4. Heat your pan over medium high heat, add the butter and fry the sole for 2 minute per side until crispy and golden.
  5. Transfer the sole to platters and serve with lemon wedges and the accompaniments of your choice.


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