How to Chop a Tomato

How to Chop a Tomato
Recipe type: Instruction Techniques
Chopping a tomato is a simple yet necessary skill. This short video will have you chopping away in no time at all.
  • Tomatoes
  1. Place the tomato stem-side down on the chopping board
  2. Slice through the tomato with your blade at an angle to the chopping board
  3. when the tip of the blade hits the chopping board, pull the blade towards yourself allowing the tip of the blade to "bounce" over the stem of the tomato, leaving the bottom intact
  4. Rotate the tomato 90 degrees and repeat
  5. Rotate 45 degrees and repeat
  6. Rotate 90 degrees and repeat, this time slicing all the way through the tomato
  7. Turn the halves onto their flat sides and continue to the slice then into the desired thickness slices - thicker for coarsely chopped, and thinner for finely chopped.


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