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Whats4Chow.com was launched on the 5th of February 2014. Our mission is to bring quality tuition video content to aspiring cooks on a daily basis. With 28 years of culinary experience, Chef Trevor is going to share his favorite recipes, techniques and tips with you, at your convenience.

Our Obective

Whats4Chow’s objective is to deliver quality, tested and accurate recipes, techniques and skills to you on a daily basis. On most days there will be new video content uploaded to the site.


Whats4Chow.com is a free-for-all cooking tuition site. We do not require that anyone subscribes to the website in order to gain access, however in the near future we will be introducing a voluntary free subscription to the website which will bring you the following benefits:

  • You will receive a fortnightly summary of all of the latest videos and news via email.
  • You will be able to contact me directly via email should you have any questions, or should you wish to request that I will produce a particular video recipe.

Something for Everyone

Whats4Chow.com is making a concerted effort to bring a rich mix of different recipes from across the culinary world. We will be providing something for everyone, and every occasion. In addition, the site is suitable for beginners and advanced cooks – every recipe is clearly laid out in a step-by-step video documentary fashion, making it really easy and quick to follow.

Safety in the Kitchen

Working with hot oil, sharp knives, gas etc can be hazardous. Please take care when working in your kitchen. Whats4Chow.com cannot, and will not be held responsible for any accidents that occur in your kitchen – these are beyond our control. If you think that something you’re doing is stupid, it probably is. Hot oil, sharp knives and general food safety can change your life irreversibly in an instant. Be careful.

Channel Funding

Ingredients cost money. Staff cost money. We will never ask you for fees to fund our site. We will never ask for donations to fund our site. Whats4Chow.com is funded entirely from advertising revenue generated from site visits and video views. In order to meet our funding requirements, we do ask you to share our site and video channel with as many people as you can. The sharing buttons can be found towards the top the right hand side of every page on the website.

From time-to-time Chef T launches a full video course on Curious.com – these courses are paid courses, but they are very reasonably priced, and all of the proceeds go directly towards the development of Whats4Chow.com to enhance and upgrade the viewers experience.

Click Here to see the latest cooking course from Chef T

Have Fun in the Kitchen

In order to make your culinary journey real good fun, here are few tips to start:

  • Make sure you have measured, weighed, chopped etc all of your ingredients before you start cooking
  • If you do not have a tablet pc to use in the kitchen, then write / print the full recipe for reference while you’re cooking
  • Don’t take short-cuts. Follow the recipes, that’s why they are there.
  • From time-to-time, you will learn new knife skills and other skills. Practice these skills at every possible opportunity. The more skilled you become in you preparation and cooking techniques, the more fun you will have.
  • Share your newly found skills with your friends and family – that is really what food is all about…. cooking, sharing, enjoying!

Once again, welcome to Whats4Chow.com …. have fun learning!


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