How to Smoke Salt – Part 5 of Smoking and Curing Foods – Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator

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How to Smoke Salt - Part 5 of Smoking and Curing Foods - Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator
Recipe type: Smoking & Curing
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Smoked salt is really easy to make in a hot or cold smoker. Smoked salt adds a whole new dimension to grilled foods, fried foods and even salads.
  • Coarse salt - either Himalayan rock salt or sea salt
  • Smoking wood chips of your choice
  1. The important thing to remember is the differences between sea salts and rock salts. Himalayan rock salt is a compressed, dense salt, and as a result will take on the flavor the smoke, but very little of the color. Sea salt is far more porous and will take on the flavor and color of smoking.
  2. With the color not being of much importance, I still prefer using Himalayan rock salt for its amazing taste and slight acidity.
  3. To start, spread the coarse salt evenly across a baking pan.
  4. Load up your smoker with your favorite wood chips and set these smoking. I am using the Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator for this demonstration and this unit together with any lidded barbecue is the perfect solution for cold and hot smoking.
  5. Place the pan of salt in the barbecue, close the lid and allow this to smoke for 90 minutes to 180 minutes, depending on your personal preference.
  6. Remove the salt from the smoker. With Himalayan rock salt you will notice only a slight darkening in color, but the smokey aroma will clearly tell you that your job is done.
  7. Transfer the salt to grinders and store these in a cool dry place.


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